Monday, February 20, 2012


In my heart lives my baby girl. She feels safe and loved. As she plays in the fenced in yard, I watch her pass the time away.  She dances around in circles, to the tunes the birds are chirping. The wind brushes through her white golden hair as she spreads her arms up to the sun. She bends over the sandbox, etching waves with a small she sings, "White coral bells, upon a slender star...".

As I rest on my porch, the same birds are singing in  the fruit trees,  and it is the sun draping its rays across the deck. Cat sleeps on the other chair, sitting up as a squirrel chatters, then stretching first, before he curls back up and returns to sleep.

Then a nearby buzz saw intrudes on the silent beauty of that moment and the day begins.

I finish my coffee quickly before leaving the porch for another gentle moment, at another time.

As I move into the day, I hold the promise in my heart of a soon to be born infant grand daughter.

There in my heart, she and my inner baby girl will play.

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  1. Just beautifully said. Thank you for sharing the joy. I've enjoyed joining you on your porch. I look forward to dropping in again. ~T, 02-22-2012