Friday, December 8, 2017


Being angry is ultimately accompanied with the act of  blaming, needing to control,  and rejecting the way life really is.

Although ANGER has many faces, the emotion is the same with the same companions:  blame, control and rejection.

I admire those who take full responsibility for their own response to encounters which evoke anger.

I admire those who let go of all responsibility for others' actions which evoke anger.

I admire those who affirm the way life really is without judgment.

Yet the behavior of so many in today's world gives cause for the most intense expressions of anger.

A process for being the responsible one in these situations calls for new ways to understand and be compassionate.

I am working on this with due diligence. I have failed miserably and slowly am growing patience and understanding. The whole thing is a life lesson most of us are learning, day by day.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Recently I had some exploratory surgery.
Relatively non-invasive, the most difficult part was stopping the anti-coagulation meds which are critical to my ongoing well being. 
I left in the morning and returned in the afternoon.
Hillary, aka Abi-Tail, never left my side for the next three days as I recuperated in bed.
She followed me to the kitchen.
She followed me to the bathroom.
She never left except to take care of her own needs.
On the fourth day, I went outside for a brief relief trip.
When I returned she was right there at the door and stayed with me again wherever I walked.
Finally, on the fifth day, I took my daily walk again. 
When I returned, she was sound asleep on my bed.
She remained sleeping through the whole day and even into the night.
My poor little woman cat was exhausted from being there for me.
I learned from her mindful nurturing that assuming a in assuming a caretaker role
one must also take care of one's own needs.
Now, a week later, Hillary has resumed her usual high maintenance presence.
I will remember to take care of myself so I can be there for her.
This is love.

Friday, October 13, 2017


I do not care how others perceive me.

How they experience me is always a projection of themselves.

I do pay attention to how others react to me.

This provides feed back to my own communication  intentions.

This awareness provides room for changing.

I know I have anger and lots of hurt for my own inability to communicate when confronted by the insanity heaped on me by Uncle Dick's daughters. That will take a little more time for healing to be complete.

In the meantime, I am grateful to be reminded that sometimes displaced feelings show.

Changing and healing work together.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Not wanting to let recent catastrophe pass by unnoticed,  I begin with awareness.

Awareness of the enormity of destruction has been overwhelming.

Accompanied by a connection to our collective unconscious suffering, I shut down emotionally.

I refuse to understand what has happened because my interpretation is not clear yet.

So I walk.

When I arrive at the path along the lake,  I walk with intention.

Breathing in, I say "Present miment".

Breathing out, I say "Peaceful moment".

This walk from one end to the other takes 20 minutes.
At the end, I turn toward the lake and continue walking on the dock.

At the end of this dock is a bench for momentary reflection.

I walk toward the bench in peace.

Anticipating deeper awareness.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I love growing fruit trees. I love home grown vegetables.

 I do not care to get down and dig in the dirt. So I have pots. 

Recently transformed the place where the boat was stored at the end of the driveway into a mulch covered potted plant butterfly garden.

Then  a torrential rain fell and unmercifully flooded the pots.. 

Some did not drain so I had to re pot them, making sure the new pots have drainage holes.

 Who knew?  The weather is either to hot and dry or too hot and wet. While there is a constant  - hot - the extremes are difficult to balance for the average home gardener. 

Gardening to be a spiritual exercise. Pouring energy into planting and nurturing seeds or sprouts, listening to what each needs in order to flourish,and  tending to them regularly is healing to the weary soul. 

I call this" gardening meditation". Being mindful of being present in the garden energizes growth of Self and plants. 

This us a view of a garden planted in North Carolina by a gardener who loves to dig in the earth.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Someday on this planet there will be an alternative paradigm to protecting borders.
In today's world,  borders are up for grabs. They are not as clearly defined.
They are inhabited my both sides.
Communication is a necessary element to observing a peaceful coexistence.
Whether it be Palestine and Israel, Mexico and the USA,  or my next door neighbors and myself, the crisis is evident.
Borders can be shared without loss of self identity or responsibility for the well being of those spaces.
Bombing is not the solution.
Walls are not the answer.
Mudslinging solves nothing.
Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
Be gentle and solution oriented.  Not so easy in the Middle East or in the Southwestern USA.
But among neighbors, all it takes is respect and cooperation.
Is this so difficult?
Or perhaps the question is, "Why is this so difficult?"

Thursday, May 18, 2017


did you know that Wisteria is no different than a weed.
A vine with its delicate flower clusters, 
very much resembling bunches of grapes.
winds its way up trees and telephone poles.
Can be shaped to wind its way around a trellis,
its flowers hanging down from the trellis top.

Also able to be pruned into a bush,
it nevertheless stretches and grows,
always yearning to connect to a solid base
and wind around and around,
always reaching out and up.

The flowers are extremely sensitive to rain, 
withering and then blooming again
even more prolifically.

I, like the Wisteria, am sensitive,withering on occasion.
Like the Wisteria, I also am stronger when the rain has left
and the sun is shining again.

Like the Wisteria, growth is ongoing, reaching and rising with always extending.