Sunday, April 15, 2012


No sooner did the citrus blossoms' aroma fade, then the jasmine began to bloom and fill the air around them.  Climbing the trellises, filling fences with green leaves and white flowers, creeping up guide wires, and spreading across walls all over the village, they make me wish this day, these few days, would never end.

Jasmine can become a nuisance when it grows too prolifically. I've had to perform serious surgery on vines which come up through the deck boards, to keep them from warping the wood's positions and to keep ants from making it their marching ground to the porch and straight to the cats' food.

A good trim and sculpting now and then is always a good thing for most vines, especially the elegant jasmine.  This is probably true for people as well.

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  1. I had the morning to myself and I took the time to go to Circle Firefly Dance as well as to Porch Time Chats. As I was reading Porch Time Chats about all your wildlife and your dear old cat, something flashed by my sight from under my desk. My first thought that it was one of those huge Tropical Bugs that had fallen out of Mark Dove's coat last week as they came into our house as they were coming from SC's Hilton Head.. I figured another had dropped out after he got into the house. However, it was one of those little blue tailed lizards that make their home under the rocks near our fountain. I followed closely and quietly as he/she made a dash for the sliding glass doors to the patio. It sat quietly for a few minutes looking up at me until I encourage it to move toward the door a little more. He/she seemed to know the way out and sure enough, squeezed under the sliding apparatus into a spot seemingly too tiny, but nevertheless successfully. Fun encounter with wildness that is part of our life. Lynda